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    Part One: Questions 1-20

    Directions: There are 20 sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. (在下列各題中選擇一個最佳答案填空。) 20%

    1. More graduates with MBA are available ______.

    A. as ever before B. than ever before

    C. as before ever D. than before ever

    2. ______ Mr. Sims works with customers, he writes many letters.

    A. Since B. Although

    C. Unless D. While

    3. Our secretaries seem ______ to meet important visitors.

    A. confidently B. confidence

    C. confident D. confidential

    4. We prefer to buy from you, because you do business with all countries, big or small, ______ equal basis.

    A. on B. for

    C. in D. with

    5. As you know the growing demand for the above commodities has doubtlessly resulted ______ increased prices.

    A. for B. in

    C. with D. from

    6. We are disappointed to note that up to the present we have not received your L/C which ______ us before June 1.

    A. shall reach B. must have reached

    C. should have reached D. will reach

    7. ______ the case, this contract has been considered void from this date.

    A. Such being B. Because

    C. Since D. Due to

    8. The buyer demands that the seller ______ the goods within a week.

    A. ships B. to ship

    C. be shipping D. should ship

    9. Barbra was a member of the group ______ visited us.

    A. which B. that

    C. whom D. to whom

    10. You and I ______ the only members of the committee who oppose the plan.

    A. are B. were

    C. am D. was

    11. Our objectives are to increase production, reduce costs, ______ the quality of our work.

    A. and improving B. improved

    C. and improve D. and improved

    12. Our two CPAs both asked for ______ in June.

    A. leaves of absences B. leaves of absence

    C. leave of absences D. leave of absence

    13. ______ by the speeches, they asked that the meeting be adjourned.

    A. Being bored B. Bored

    C. Having been bored D. Boring

    14. We don’t need a new stove ______ a new refrigerator.

    A. or B. nor

    C. either D. neither

    15. It was on page 4 ______ I noticed an error.

    A. where B. which

    C. while D. that

    16. The contract, ______ stipulations have been negotiated over the past six months, is to be signed this week.

    A. that B. which

    C. whom D. whose

    17. Your credit cards ______ by the time you reported the loss.

    A. were recovered B. have been recovered

    C. recovered D. had been recovered

    18. ______ you wish to make enquiries concerning our financial standing, you may refer to the ABC Bank.

    A. Would B. Should

    C. Could D. Shall

    19. The goods arrived ______.

    A. in the good condition B. in good conditions

    C. in good condition D. in the good conditions

    20. This offer is firm, subject to your reply ______ us before May 30.

    A. arrives B. reaches

    C. arrive D. reaching

    Part Two: Questions 21-30

    There is one mistake in each of the following questions. Detect and correct the mistakes. Write your corrections together with the mistakes on the answer sheet.(下列每句各有一個錯誤,找出錯誤并改正。請將錯誤及改正寫在答題紙上。) 20%

    Example: Who’s taking care the dog while you’re away?

    taking care → taking care of

    21. We will place more orders with you if our customers find a satisfaction with you.

    22. Several senior officials spoke to the press on condition that they will not be named in the story.

    23. His ask for a pay rise was considered premature.

    24. Your price is not so competitive like ours.

    25. The secretary feels badly about the mistake.

    26. Between the people I have interviewed, I have discovered some conflicting ideas.

    27. Any pages with corrections that are visible to the eye must be retyped.

    28. One of every two new businesses fail within two years.

    29. The management of the company not only are confident of their objectives, but also competent in achieving their objectives.

    30. Having completed twenty years of service, a gold watch was presented to Mr. Brown.

    Part Three: Questions 31-40

    Write logical sentences with the words and phrases given. (用所給的詞和短語寫出符合邏輯的句子。) 10%

    31. the government is / more taxes / spending more money / many / are paying / because

    32. the article / were being sold / cost / some products / stated that / below

    33. I spoke / had changed / accepting the job / her mind / before / to her / Jean / about

    34. the company / until / had been using / they / typewriters / installed computers

    35. celebrating / this year / our fiftieth anniversary / we / will be / later

    36. be kept / a safe place / important documents / should / all / in

    37. several hours / a report / writing / often requires / of hard work

    38. have / sitting / we / a lot of work / to be done / on our desks

    39. efficient / is much more / my secretary / anyone else / than / I know

    40. that / everyone / away / an apple a day / the doctor / has heard /will keep

    Part Four: Questions 41-50

    Each of the following sentences contains one punctuation error. One punctuation in each is either missing or misused. Detect the error and write the missing punctuation or your correction together with the word before the punctuation on the answer sheet.(下面每句都有一個標點符號錯誤,該用標點處未用標點或標點符號用錯。改正錯誤或補寫標點,并將其與前面的一個單詞一起填寫在答題紙上。) 10%

    Example:A. What a nice present you gave me. B. You think you are right don’t you?

    41. Do you market your product through a retailer or do you sell directly to the consumer.

    42. Hans was offended, no, infuriated is more precise.

    43. The banks current business hours will be extended in the near future.

    44. Bill asked whether I was taking my vacation in May or October?

    45. Some investors use thoroughbred horses as tax shelters, these investors “write off” the expenses of maintaining the horses.

    46. We like these courses very much, because, they help us to broaden our vision.

    47. Present day morals are not acceptable to some senior citizens.

    48. I am of course, determined to perform my duties in the best possible manner.

    49. The job description lists these duties; answering the telephone, making appointments, and collecting report data.

    50.We bought a lovely dog, She was named Lolia.

    Part Five: Memo Writing

    Write a memo in about 50 words.(寫一份50個單詞左右的備忘錄。) 15%

    51. You are Mr. Jack Johnson, General Manager of a company. Recently you have received several complaints from customers saying that some of them received the goods they had ordered with wrong invoice, and some were sent the correct invoice with the wrong goods. You are very concerned about it because this has never happened before. Write a memo to all workers in Dispatch Department to ask them

    · to give their full attention to their work

    · if they have any difficulties or problems with their jobs, they may speak to the Dispatch Department Manager, Mrs. Mary Foley.

    Part Six: Letter Writing

    Write a letter in 130-150 words.(寫一封字數為130-150的信函。) 25%

    52. 應麥克(Mike)先生請求, 寫一封推薦信,提供有關應聘麥克先生公司辦公室主任一職的李強的一些情況。內容包括以下各點:







    • 聯系方式
    • 投訴與建議電子郵箱:272223086@qq.com
    • 聯系方式:13117063983
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